My favorite Pope

Pope-Benedict-StockI must start off with a confession: I have an addiction to coffee. There I said it. Now, I read a post on the Catholic Gentlemen entitled Blessed Beans: How the Pope Baptized Coffee. You may ask, what does the title of my post and coffee have to do with each other?

Well, the story goes that many people wanted to outlaw coffee since it came from the middle east and was a favorite drink of Muslims. Those against drinking coffee sought papal approval and even gave coffee the nickname “Satan’s drink.”

Pope Clement VIII wanted to drink coffee before he made a decision. According to legend the Pope said, “This devil’s drink is delicious. We should cheat the devil by baptizing it.” So, the Pope blessed coffee and its popularity spread. Now you know why he is my “favorite Pope.” (Though really, my favorite is Pope Benedict XVI).

Enjoy your coffee! It is papal approved. For a good cup of coffee check out Mystic Monk Coffee. The coffee is roasted by Carmelite Monks.


One thought on “My favorite Pope

  1. My favorite Pope was Benedict XVI too. I wrote to him and gave him my cd (I used to compose music) and he sent me back a gift. He said on a Twitter DM that he would pray for my eldest granddaughter.

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