Protector of Christian Fools – and a helper to the Byzantine Catholics

Some thoughts by Fr. Chris Zugger on one of my favorite Marian Feasts.

Father Christopher Zugger

Pokrov Bogorodicin_2.jpg

The great feast of Pokrov, or Protection, comes to us on October 1st. It is one of the favorite feasts of the Slavic Churches, and a great personal favorite of mine. Our Lady revealed herself,  holding her veil out over the crowd, and above her, her unique child, the God-Man Jesus Christ, to a pair of fools, and not the leaders of church or state. Given the times we are in, it is holy fools who will probably be the ones to redeem our western society. I don’t know if I am one of them – I am foolish, but not necessarily a holy fool.

Its origins lie in events in old Constantinople, either when the city was under attack in the years  by the pagan Rus’, or when the Arab fleet threatened.  Given that an attack of the Slavic Rus’ warriors may have the cause of the apparition, it’s…

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