Lifting Up Of The Cross; Worshipers of the Cross

Father Christopher Zugger

Byzantine Catholic Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Uzhhorod, Ukraine 

Christians are called “Worshipers of the Cross by Muslims. Why? Because we show such reverence to the crosses we wear and put up in our churches, in remembrance of the one on which Jesus died, and we put them atop our churches. Today in Wenzhou, China, the city with the highest number of Christians in all China, crosses are being lopped off church towers all over Zhejiang province – nobody will give an answer as to why, but obviously some Communist high up in the ranks is seriously offended by the number of crosses out there. And of course in regions ruled by ISIL/ ISIS, not only are crosses being knocked off church towers and churches claimed as mosques (Syriac Orthodox cathedral of Mosul and 44 others   ) but Christians of all Churches have been crucified on…

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