Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation Urges Church To Lift Ban on Ordination of Married Priests in Eastern Catholic Churches in North America

The North American Catholic-Orthodox Joint Theological Commission has called for a lifting of the ban on the ordination of married men to the priesthood in the Eastern Catholic. The joint commission said that:

This action would affirm the ancient and legitimate Eastern Christian tradition, and would assure the Orthodox that, in the event of the restoration of full communion between the two Churches, the traditions of the Orthodox Church would not be questioned. We are convinced that this action would enhance the spiritual lives of Eastern Catholics and would encourage the restoration of unity between Catholic and Orthodox Christians.


Read the rest of the statement here. The North American Catholic-Orthodox Joint Theological Commission has produced some wonderful and irenic joint agreements. Their work can be found here on the USCCB website and here on Orthodox Assembly of Bishops website.








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