Summoning Pope Francis

Sadly, the Church of Jerusalem and the Church of Antioch have broken communion. The issue is not dogmatic or theological but over canonical territory. Issues like this bring to light the need for a primacy within the universal Church that could actually do something to resolve issues between local (or particular) Churches. If only a See had actual primacy to solve issues like this? Maybe one day.

Here is the story from Pravmir:

The Primate of the Church of Antioch again raised the question of the canonical intrusion of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem into the Metropolia of Qatar. In his words, all meetings between the two sides have been fruitless. As a result, the Antiochian delegation refused to sign the document of agreement at the meeting of Primates in Istanbul.
Patriarch John noted that this question was not even on the agenda, despite pleas from the Antiochian Patriarchate.
“Following Patriarchate of Jerusalem’s intractable position, the Antiochian throne has unanimously decided to suspend communion and not to commemorate Patriarch Theophilos in the ecclesiastical diptychs, as it was normally done earlier. The Antiochian Patriarchate has prepared a letter for all Orthodox Churches with the rational for this decision and with a request that they pray for the unity of the Churches,” concluded the Patriarch of Antioch.

May the issue come to a swift resolution and brothers return to communion.


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